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RSR800 • Rock Star® Repair System

Manufacturer: Equalizer®
Our Rock Star® Repair System quickly performs strong and clear repairs. The bridge and stainless steel injector assembly features a combination design which allows for quick and easy alternation between vacuum and pressure cycles. Included is our specially formulated pit resin that is extremely fast wicking and produces unparalleled optical clarity and strength. It creates a powerful bond to the glass surface, but is easy to scrape off the excess and then polish to perfection with our non-abrasive pit polish. Made in the USA.

RSR800 Rock Star® Repair System includes:
1 • VBA1443 • Bridge and Injector Assembly1 • VPA1503X • Large Threaded Pit Adapter
1 • VUS1501 • UV Shield1 • VPS1460 • Probe
1 • VRM1467 • Mirror1 • VWB1462 • Cleaning Brush
1 • VWB1462 • Wisk Brush1 • MS492 • 20 Mylar Squares
1 • VPT1489 • Pit Tape Roll1 • GKL868 • 12-Volt UV curing light
1 • VFL1463 • LED Flashlight1 • I-0497 • 25 Razor Blades
1 • I-1468 • ‘O’ Ring Kit1 • VTR1448 • .5 oz.Thin Viscosity Resin
1 • VMR1450 • .5 oz. Medium Viscosity Resin1 • VPF1452 • .5 oz. Pit Filler Resin
1 • VPO1455 • 1 oz. Pit Polish1 • VCB1454 • 1 oz. Cleaning Solution
All packaged in a soft case with a foam liner.
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