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ATV2012 • Equalizer® Ambush™ with 120V Charger

Ambush™ is the most trusted 20-Volt battery powered tool in the Auto Glass Industry. It is designed with a sheath that encloses the blade shaft to provide protection and is also equipped with a quick release clamp for easy blade changes. This mobile tool features an ergonomic design with the power necessary to quickly remove the most difficult glass with optimal control. With a fully charged battery you should get up to 3 removal (entire ) windshields or 10 bottom only cutouts.

1 • BFE1400 • Express 3" x 10" Blade1 • DCB205 • DeWalt 20 Volt Battery
1 • DCB115 • DeWalt 120 Volt Charger for 20V tool1 • FSG130 • Kool Safety Glasses
All packaged in a soft case with a foam liner.

LBHD688-PRP • Lil Buddy™ Air

Equalizer® has powered up The Lil’ Buddy Pro 1 Heavy Duty auto glass handling and replacement tool by adding our Exclusive PowerPump™ plungers to create a secure suction using AirForce™ Technology.

The Lil Buddy™ Air allows a single technician to safely and quickly extract and install replacement auto glass in most vehicles!

• Optional design for the passenger side mount or the driver's side mount.
• Now includes a heavy-duty sliding rod to handle the weight of heavy windshields and back glass, such as in commercial trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles.
• Built with stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics for a lifetime of use with proper care.
• Features a clearly defined measuring system.
• Complete with 2- Equalizer® PowerPump™ Plunger - powered by AirForce™ Technology

DragOn Skin Glass Protector

The DragOn Auto Glass Protector is a professional-grade auto glass cover/protective blanket to protect windshields during installation prep work.

DragOn Features:
Protects primer from sun exposure
Reduces temperature of glass before install
Reduces foreign object contamination
Certified DragOn Glass Protection

CPM1215 • "Calibration In Progress" Vehicle Magnet

Performing dynamic ADAS calibrations can be challenging when navigating traffic, so you need to let everyone around you know that you need space. These 6" x 6" outdoor magnets are flexible, highly durable, weather, fade and abrasion resistant.

Nitrile Gloves

From $41.00

Anti-Vibration Safety Gloves

This glove features 100% Silicone gel padding in critical palm areas, is oil and water resistant and has non-slip reinforcements. Machine Washable.
From $47.00

KWR1491 • Deluxe Windshield Repair Kit

Our Deluxe Windshield Repair Kit is designed with all of the essentials for windshield repair. It comes complete with a high-quality repair bridge system, quality resins, and the right accessories for repairing star and bulls-eye breaks. The experienced Auto Glass Technician will appreciate this kit, but it also caters to the beginner in windshield repair. It assumes you know nothing about windshield repair and walks you through each type of repair from beginning to end with the help of a well-written manual, and DVD. It comes with a piece of glass that has assorted breaks so you can practice your repair method.

KWR1491 • Deluxe Windshield Repair Kit includes::
Repair Bridge SystemUV Light
Single Point ProbeCoated Safety Gloves
Glass CleanerSafety Glasses
Instructional DVDRepair Manual/Business Guide
PreChipped Practice GlassGlass Drill
Plus 5-Drill Bits100-Razor Blades
10 Inner O-Rings5-External End Seals
2-Resins (.5 oz.)2-Pit Fillers (.25 oz.)
curing film for 100 or more repairs.

2651 • Sheath Clamp Screws (Set of 4)

Sheath Clamp Screws (Set of 4) for ATV2012, BH2019, DTE1000, HHT2013, SR1418360

MSP211 • Equalizer® Wiper Arm Removal Kit

This kit has a different puller for each type of vehicle and the puller contacts as much of the arm as possible to spread the removing pressure out over a large area.

MKP356 • BigMouth™ Wiper Puller

BigMouth™ Wiper Puller has a 1-3/4" opening between the pressure bolt and the prong jaws, this is important because many newer vehicles have recessed wiper arms with longer, deeper bolts.

WFA450 • Universal Wiper Puller

Our Universal Wiper Puller has two sets of interchangeable arms and is made of hardened steel. This works for most brands.

TWR609 • Wiper Puller

Our wiper arm removal tool for bolt-on windshield wipers has a compact design that fits easily into small spaces. Made of steel with a durable plastic handle.

WP534E • Wiper Puller

Wiper puller removal tool for bolt-on windshield wipers is constructed with a revolving concave head ensuring it does not slip off of the wiper bolt. It also has a steel joining cross member for extra strength.

JMR357 • Spring Latch Rearview Mirror Removal Tool

The JMR357 allows you to slide the locking mirror bracket off a mirror button.
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