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FIX2005SD • 3/8" I.D. Fixture Chamber Standard Pro Series S&D

*Piece associated with the AEGIS® Advantage Kit only available for special order, accompanied by two 3/8" AEGIS® Quad Rings (SBX2010)

GSG416SD • Light Sensor S&D

*Discontinued item
Mercedes C-Class 01-03, C Coupe 02-04. NAGS® Reference: FW2165, FW2271, FW2280.

LBHD688-PRP • Lil Buddy™ Air

Equalizer® has powered up The Lil’ Buddy Pro 1 Heavy Duty auto glass handling and replacement tool by adding our Exclusive PowerPump™ plungers to create a secure suction using AirForce™ Technology.

The Lil Buddy™ Air allows a single technician to safely and quickly extract and install replacement auto glass in most vehicles!

• Optional design for the passenger side mount or the driver's side mount.
• Now includes a heavy-duty sliding rod to handle the weight of heavy windshields and back glass, such as in commercial trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles.
• Built with stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics for a lifetime of use with proper care.
• Features a clearly defined measuring system.
• Complete with 2- Equalizer® PowerPump™ Plunger - powered by AirForce™ Technology

CF1061 • 8" Mill File

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