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MSP211 • Equalizer® Wiper Arm Removal Kit

This kit has a different puller for each type of vehicle and the puller contacts as much of the arm as possible to spread the removing pressure out over a large area.

MKP356 • BigMouth™ Wiper Puller

BigMouth™ Wiper Puller has a 1-3/4" opening between the pressure bolt and the prong jaws, this is important because many newer vehicles have recessed wiper arms with longer, deeper bolts.

WFA450 • Universal Wiper Puller

Our Universal Wiper Puller has two sets of interchangeable arms and is made of hardened steel. This works for most brands.

TWR609 • Wiper Puller

Our wiper arm removal tool for bolt-on windshield wipers has a compact design that fits easily into small spaces. Made of steel with a durable plastic handle.

WP534E • Wiper Puller

Wiper puller removal tool for bolt-on windshield wipers is constructed with a revolving concave head ensuring it does not slip off of the wiper bolt. It also has a steel joining cross member for extra strength.

GGBWBKIT • GGG Beam Wiper Blade Kit

Fresh wipers help protect a newly installed windshield. By replacing your customers wipers, you increase sales and profits for your business. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of a fresh set of wipers that will help ensure safety and improve visibility. These Wiper Blade Starter Kits come with a combination of the 16 most common size wiper blades individually packaged (including all appropriate adapters for installation) and a display rack. Made of high quality natural rubber for all season performance. The wiper blades are suitable for most vehicles and meet all OEM specifications.

This kit includes:
4 • GGB1012 12”/300 mm4 • GGB1014 14”/350 mm
4 • GGB1015 15”/380 mm4 • GGB1016 16”/410 mm
4 • GGB1017 17”/430 mm8 • GGB1018 18”/450 mm
8 • GGB1019 19”/480 mm8 • GGB1020 20”/510 mm
8 • GGB1021 21”/530 mm8 • GGB1022 22”/550 mm
4 • GGB1023 23”/580 mm4 • GGB1024 24”/610 mm
4 • GGB1026 26”/660 mm4 • GGB1028 28”/700 mm
4 • GGB1030 30”/750 mm4 • GGB1032 32”/800 mm
and display rack.