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JP685 • Window Guide Remover Pliers

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Window Guide Remover Pliers

Window guides are also known as butterfly clips. Today there are probably twenty different rear window guides on the market, but you never seem to have the right one to replace the one you just destroyed. The window guide remover pliers were developed by an auto glass technician and designed to give you a better chance of saving the old window guide and assist you in putting it back on the new glass. The jaws are made so they fit around the window guide without damaging it, and exert pressure on the part that snaps together. The handle is made with a slotted area that can be used to pry the plastic snap loose so you can reuse the window guide.

Made in the USA.

Scratch and Dent inventory includes products that have been returned, used for training, or have cosmetic damages. All of these products are put through Equalizer’s production process again to ensure they meet all original specifications. We also retest any refurbished power tools to ensure excellent quality. Sometimes brand new or refurbished items have considerable cosmetic blemishes that do not impact performance. Closeout items are items being discontinued due to product evolution or no longer supported by manufacturer. Scratch and Dent and Closeout sales are final.

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