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Vehicle Protection

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VPS700 • All-In-One Vehicle Protection System

Ideal total protection for the vehicle interior containing 5 high-quality protection elements in 1 set.

RSP1371 • Reusable Seat Protector

The seat protector is made of heavy-duty nylon and double-stitched for durability.

PX1368 • Slip-N-Grip® Seat Protectors

These Seat Protectors grip the seating surface, keeping the cover in place and protecting the seat while you work on the vehicle. 100% recyclable. Box of 250

PY1369 • Slip-N-Grip® Steering Wheel Protectors

Keep the steering wheel clean with universal-fit Slip-N-Grip® Steering Wheel Protectors. Box of 250

PZ1370 • Slip-N-Grip® Floor Mats

Made of tough plastic, not paper. Unlike paper mats, these plastic mats stay in place, and they do not degrade when they become wet. Box of 500

MC990 • MagnaCup™

MagnaCup™ is a magnetic holder that takes the hassle out of keeping up with small parts while you work.
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