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Known as "the blades that permanently changed the AGRR industry," UltraWiz blades are recognized globally as the finest auto glass cutout blades. Manufactured by A.N. Designs Inc., they are made from high-quality steel right here in the U.S.A. The blades are put through a special coining process that compresses the metal and are then heat-treated to meet the UltraWiz high standards. The engineers at UltraWiz continually improve the processes to maintain blade thickness, strength and durability that customers require. UltraWiz products are proudly used by the majority of technicians in the industry today.

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PN3001K • UltraWiz® Cold Knife

UltraWiz® Cold Knife is shaped for comfort and gripping power. The handle is oblong so it will not easily spin in your hand. The pull handle is built into the body and not bolted to the blade.