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POLY2 • SuperSoaker™

Manufacturer: Equalizer®
This 1-liter sprayer produces maximum pressure and utilizes a thick rubber O-ring for an effective seal. Has a “lock” position and a pivoting nozzle with a spray guard.
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Unlike other pump sprayers, our 1-liter SuperSoaker™ produces more pressure with fewer pumps, so it takes less work to pressurize the tank.

The SuperSoaker™ utilizes a thick rubber O-ring that seals effectively. Why is a good seal important? Because you can pump it up and it will stay pumped up for days. The handle incorporates a “lock” position for times when you need to really soak an area. Also, has a moveable nozzle with a spray guard. We have tested them all and the SuperSoaker™ is by far the most rugged and well-built pump sprayer on the market.

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