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Sharpeners & Lubricant

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4237 • High-Heat Grease 2oz.

Designed for greasing moving parts but can also be used for lubricating the inside of the Express™® sheath.

SLL347 • Super Lube® Lubricant 3 Oz.

For use on the inside of the sheath which will extend the life of your sheath. This clear, non-toxic formula protects in temperatures ranging from -45°F to + 450°F and its effectiveness will not be reduced by cutting lubricant or water.

SFE329 • Express™ Blade Sharpener

Our Express™ Blade Sharpener puts the chisel-type edge on the blade and keeps your auto glass cut-out knife operating at peak performance. It also features a built-in protector to keep you from cutting your hand on the blade.

SHS792 • Sharpening Stone

This sharpening stone is designed to keep your hand away from the item being sharpened. Great for sharpening Equalizer® Blades, cold knife blades, or any other blade you want to put a razor-sharp edge-on.

PLS429 • Aqualizer™

This is a 1-1/2 quart pump-style sprayer that has a “lock” position on the handle for when you need to really soak an area.

POLY2 • SuperSoaker™

This 1-liter sprayer produces maximum pressure and utilizes a thick rubber O-ring for an effective seal. Has a “lock” position and a pivoting nozzle with a spray guard.