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Sentinel™ Setting Device

The Equalizer® Sentinel™ is a revolutionary product designed to help alleviate auto glass technicians’ struggles with lifting heavy glass by doing the heavy lifting for them. The Sentinel™ enables one technician the ability to remove and replace a variety of auto glass in the most efficient way possible.

Sentinel™ features a bent arm or straight arm. The RV straight arm (SSD2021) works best for flush mount applications and glass weighing up to 150 lbs (68 kg). The Extension bent arm (SSD2022) works best for glass that needs to be extended over hoods and weighs less than 100 lbs (45 kg).

The Equalizer® Sentinel™ is a mobile or in-shop setting device that runs on a rechargeable battery. Using hydraulic power and 10-inch vacuum cups with PowerPumps™, you can move the glass in several directions and adjust angles to get the right position in lifting or setting glass. The Sentinel™ is stabilized by counterweights so that every removal/installation has adequate support. The Sentinel™ is crafted using high-performance steel. Made in the USA.
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SL1000 • SafeLift™ Powered Glass Installation System

Features a remote controlled lifting operation. Lifting capacity of 110 lbs. or 50kg

HST212 • The Auto Glass Setting Stick

You can easily install a windshield by yourself without worrying about setting it properly with the Auto Glass Setting Stick. Measures 48" Long, 2" Wide & 3/4" Thick. Made in the USA.

EP912 • Elbow Pad

For setting windshields to help prevent damage...

RL1382 • HoodStop™

When you set the windshield, the HoodStop™ will stop the windshield in the correct place. Close the hood, dry-set the windshield, set the stop on the windshield in the proper position, and engage the vacuum.

TJ1432 • Speed Stops™ (Pkg. of 10)

Fits any vehicle and are self-tapping...

LJ1260 • TopSTOP™ (Set of 2)

Holds glass in place while urethane cures...

CVC6450 • Wood’s Concave Vacuum Cup 10"

10” cup with a 175lb. load capacity per cup. Deep, concave pad for easy attachment on curved or irregular nonporous surfaces. (Not for use on thin, fragile materials.)