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SSD2021 • Sentinel™ Setting Device

The Equalizer® Sentinel™ is a revolutionary new product designed from the ground up to address the modern technician’s frustration with the setting tools available on the market today. The Sentinel™ enables one technician the ability to remove and replace windshields, back glasses, bus or coach glass effortlessly and in the fastest, safest and most efficient way possible, all without ever needing to manually pump a vacuum cup. The Equalizer® Sentinel™ setting device is a mobile or in-shop one-man setting device which features AC or DC power that works using hydraulic power. You can move in/out, up/down, and adjust angles to get the right position in lifting or setting glass. The Sentinel™ is a powerful addition to Equalizer’s fleet of AIRFORCE™ Technology products. Using two 10 inch vacuum cups with two PowerPumps™, this revolutionary setting device has a maximum safe working load of 175 lbs. (79 kg.). The base expander acts as a counterbalance for heavier and larger auto glass. Sentinel™ is crafted using high-performance steel. Made in the USA.

SL1000 • SafeLift™ Powered Glass Installation System

Features a remote controlled lifting operation...

HST212 • The Auto Glass Setting Stick

Easily install a windshield by yourself...

EP912 • Elbow Pad

For setting windshields to help prevent damage...

RL1382 • HoodStop™

Stop the windshield in the correct place...

TJ1432 • Speed Stops™ (Pkg. of 10)

Fits any vehicle and are self-tapping...