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RC300 • RipCord™ 300'

SKU: RC300
Reusable cord designed for thinner beads of urethane and areas with tighter tolerances.
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A safer alternative to steel auto glass cutting wire.

Engineered and developed to provide durability, strength, performance, and safety to enhance the cutting results of any auto glass wire cutting system...The RipCord™ is a state-of-the-art material designed to completely eliminate auto body scratching that occurs when using standard steel or braided wire. In conjunction with its anti-scratch quality, RipCord™ has an abrasion-resistant technology that offers the auto glass industry its first reusable auto glass removal line.

RipCord™ features a “no-load under stress” reaction to line breakage. If the line breaks, it will not retract, spin or coil the way steel and braided wires do. This keeps the technician safe from potential injury.

RipCord™ is packaged in 300 ft. spools. Each length of RipCord™ that the technician uses for cut out is reusable, extending the life of the spool. This new material will perform well with any existing auto glass wire cutting system available on the market today.

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