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CTD607 • Recessed Clip Removal Tool

Easily fits down into recessed areas and then can be slid under the head of the cowling clip.

CCR819 • Expansion Clip Removal Tool

Features a small sharp screw that bites into the plastic head of the clip and pulls the center pin out. The clip will then collapse and can be easily removed.

TPE657 • Clip Removal Tool

Our Clip Removal Tool has a V-groove with sharpened tips so it will slip under the head of the clip. Works on many cowlings and drip gaskets.

MR747 • Moulding Clip Release Tool

Slide the tool left or right under the molding until it hooks a retaining clip. Rock the tool with a twist of the wrist to pull the clip out slightly. This releases the molding from the clip. Heat-treated high carbon steel.

IW1214 • Double-Direction Clip Release Tool

An industry standard for over 50 years, this tool was designed to release the clip from the body of the vehicle in order to remove the moulding. Made of hardened steel.

HRT367 • Hose Removal Pliers

Designed to save the hose that runs to the windshield washer nozzle by pushing it off quickly and without damage.
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