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RGD188 • SabreTOOTH™ Tempered Glass Removal Tool

This tool is perfect for removing broken tempered glass. Designed with deep notches and smaller teeth that will capture broken glass and pull it out. It is made of flexible stainless steel with a Neoprene handle and measures 22" long.

WMA222 • FANG™ Tempered Glass Removal Tool

This tool will flex to fit the contour of the door and has two prongs to grab the glass and pull it to an area where it can be removed. The tool is made of spring steel with a plastic handle and measures 19" long.

ZKS37 • ZipKnife™ Set

Cold Knife & Long Knife Set includes: 1 of Each; ZK35 ZipKnife™ Cold Knife and ZKLK36 20" ZipKnife™ Long Knife.

SC532 • Sabre™ Long Knife

Quick-blade change design...

ALK230 • Telescopic Cutting Knife

This knife adjusts from its shortest length of 18" long and extends up to 24" in length. Also features extra blade storage under the blade holder. Comes with one standard utility knife blade.

AJL226 • Adjustable Length Cutting Knife

Comes with one standard utility knife blade...