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Rearview Mirror

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JMR357 • Spring Latch Rearview Mirror Removal Tool

The JMR357 allows you to slide the locking mirror bracket off a mirror button.

MT228 • All-In-One Mirror Tool

Equalizer® All-In-One Mirror Tool has six devices that work on a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles.

LRR243 • Lexus Rearview Mirror Tool

For Lexus 300, 330 (1998-2005), 400 & 430, and some Toyota models.

GM602 • Breakaway Rearview Mirror Tool

This tool removes mirrors held in place by a spring clip designed to detach the mirror when the airbag is deployed.

FMR482 • Ford Rearview Mirror Removal Tool

Use for the removal of older Ford rearview mirrors.

Mirror Wrenches

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