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LDT204 • Equalizer® StingRay™ - Standard Kit

Equalizer® StingRay™ has high torque, fast acceleration and a top end speed that is faster than any of our other Express™ tools. The plunger floats on a series of ball bearings and the blade is driven by a floating pin bearing system. This allows all the power of the StingRay™ to be pushed directly to the blade. The ergonomic design gives you a comfortable, natural grip. The low profile of the handle gives you clearance no matter which direction you are cutting. A rotating speed control gives a wide range of speeds from 500 to 3000 strokes per minute.

1 • LDT204 • StingRay™ Tool1 • BFE1400 • Express 3" x 10" Blade
1 • FSG130 • Kool Safety Glasses1 • BRT225 • Blade Release Tool
All packaged in a carrying case.

HHT2013 • Equalizer® Black-Ops™

Black-Ops™ has a sleek compact design measuring only 14.5" in length. This allows for optimal control and easy access to tight areas with more flexibility of applications. With the powerful motor, the Black-Ops™ will cut through the thickest of urethane with ease.

  • 1 • PHB169 • Piranha (Serrated) HydroBlade - 3" x 10"
  • 1 • FSG130 • Kool Safety Glasses
  • 1 • SFE329 • Express Blade Sharpener
  • All packaged in a soft case with a foam liner.

SP1416 • Equalizer® Express™ Air

The Equalizer® Express™ Air has a powerful motor to cut the thickest of urethane but is compact enough to fit into the smallest space. It features ball-bearing construction and uses Equalizer® Express™ blades only.

1 • SP1416 • Express™ Air1 • LBE1402 • Express 3" x 12" Blade
1 • FSG130 • Kool Safety Glasses1 • I3108 • T-Handle Hex Key
All packaged in a carrying case.

EXT-PRO-MINI • Extractor™ Mini

Small in size, but hugely versatile, the compact, cordless, Extractor™ mini is the ideal tool for working comfortably and safely in tight, confined spaces. With variable speed this powerful, lightweight tool provides smooth but aggressive cutting action, making it the perfect choice for quarter glass and vent glass removals. Also great for removing insulated glass units, and much more.

AFSC17 • Fein® SuperCut Cordless

Powerful, cordless oscillating tool...

FSC17Q • Fein® QuickIN Tool

Minimum vibrations and noise damping. Hexagonal accessory mount for optimal torque transfer. 450 W FEIN high-performance motor: Durable, overload-proof, high-performance motor with high proportion of copper for higher cutting speed and ultra-rapid work progress.