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Pinchweld Cleaner S&D

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Pinchweld Cleaner

It is important during every windshield replacement to clean the pinchweld in order for the urethane to adhere properly. Whisk brooms were used in the past for cleaning the pinchweld but with today’s vehicle paint jobs being up to seven layers thick with a clear coat, the stiff straws would scratch the surrounding painted surfaces. Instead, now days you’ll see technicians using paint brushes for this task. We wouldn’t recommend using just any paint brush though because many of them still have bristles that are stiff enough to damage the clear coat. Our Pinchweld Cleaner brush was designed specifically with this job in mind. It is a paint brush made with soft “crushed” bristles for contact with the paint, but enough stiffness in each individual bristle to remove the dust and dirt out of the pinchweld.

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