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NLD459 • UltraSonic Leak Detector

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Everyone in the Auto Glass Industry had encoutnered an air or water leak that is almost impossible to find. With our Ultrasonic Leak Detector, you can find those leaks. It works by placing a transmitter inside the vehicle, then the transmitter sends out a sound, not audible to human ears, which passes through the opening that is causing the leak. As you slowly run the receiving wand over the suspected area, the receiver will pick up the transmitter's sound waves and make a sound that you can hear, showing you exactly where the leak is. One important thing to remember is to check the vehicle while it is dry, or after you have dried it thoroghly (water can get into the leaking area and seal it so sound cannot get through). The Ultrasonic Leak Detector has both audible and visible indicators (including leak intensity indicators). It is completely portable and battery powered (two 9-Volt batteries included, one for transmitter and one for receiver). No warm-up needed, ready to use when powered on.

Scratch and Dent inventory includes products that have been returned, used for training, or have cosmetic damages. All of these products are put through Equalizer’s production process again to ensure they meet all original specifications. We also retest any refurbished power tools to ensure excellent quality. Sometimes brand new or refurbished items have considerable cosmetic blemishes that do not impact performance. Closeout items are items being discontinued due to product evolution or no longer supported by manufacturer. Scratch and Dent and Closeout sales are final.