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Launch Mobile Frame Packages

System includes:
• Portable Foldable Stand
• LDW Targets
• Compatible with all Launch targets and accessories
• Includes X-431 Turbo III Tablet
• Training included with purchase

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SKU: 301250047-Launch
Manufacturer: LAUNCH TECH USA


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X-431 ADAS Mobile


X-431 ADAS Mobile

X-431 ADAS Mobile is a portable ADAS calibration tool for calibrating the ADAS system and ideal for you to target new revenue streams.


Vehicle Model Coverage

  • European: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Fiat, Opel, Seat, Skoda, Renault, Citroen, Smart, Mini, Peugeot, Porsche, etc.
  • American: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, Lincoln, etc.
  • Asian: Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mazda, etc.



  • Start to calibrate in seconds, no more tedious work of disassembly and installation.
  • Fully foldable design including completely flat folded base, close-fitting foldable arms, and foldable crank handle.
  • Multi-functional base integrates 360°rotating wheels, wheel locks, and fine-tuning height-adjustment to adapt to uneven ground.
  • The equilateral triangle design of the base ensures a stable frame.
  • Digital distance laser shows the cross-bar height and makes sure it is equal to the standard value precisely.
  • Five line laser and fine-tuning switch help to easy center the device and parallel to the vehicle and offer high precision calibrating.
  • Special small target design makes it convenient to carry and store.
  • 23-style manufacturer standard targets provide one-stop calibration service.
  • Compatible with AVM/ RCW/ BSD Targets of Launch ADAS PRO.
  • Quick access to ADAS calibration by step-by-step tutorial graphics on LAUNCH X-431 diagnostic tools.
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