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JP140SD • JetPacks™ (Pair) S&D

Manufacturer: Equalizer®
*Used pair with minor smudges on cup and minor scratches on cup protector
Equalizer® JetPacks™ vacuum cups eliminate the need for manual pumping. If the cup loses vacuum, the AIRFORCE™ vacuum technology takes over and keeps that valuable suction going until the cup has maximum vacuum again. Equalizer® JetPacks™ have a 7" diameter cup with a maximum safe working load of 100lbs/45kg. They will fully charge within two hours. The single cup comes with one 120 volt charger..
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Scratch and Dent inventory includes products that have been returned, used for training, or have cosmetic damages. All of these products are put through Equalizer’s production process again to ensure they meet all original specifications. We also retest any refurbished power tools to ensure excellent quality. Sometimes brand new or refurbished items have considerable cosmetic blemishes that do not impact performance. Closeout items are items being discontinued due to product evolution or no longer supported by manufacturer. Scratch and Dent and Closeout sales are final.

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