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Equalizer® Ultrasonic Leak Detector S&D

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Equalizer® Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Older methods of detecting a windshield leak, such as putting water on the area in question and waiting for it to leak, can be time-consuming and inconsistent. If you use our Ultrasonic Leak Detector you can save time while ensuring accuracy. It’s as simple as putting the transmitter into the vehicle, running the receiver over the suspected area, and finding the leak. Ultrasonic leak detectors work by transmitting sound waves that are not detectable to the human ear. You then put the headphones on and turn on the receiver that can hear the sound waves coming through the opening. The sound waves will not go through glass, rubber or metal so in order to pinpoint the leak, listen for the receiver tone to register louder and softer. Besides the audible sound, you can also watch as the green (on) light turns to red when it detects a leak in the vehicle. Transmitter and receiver are each powered by a 9-Volt battery (included).

Packaged in a handy carrying case.