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Equalizer Hydro 3" x 10" Blade S&D

This item may have cosmetic damage.
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Standard Hydroblade™ • 3" X 10"

Equalizer® HydroBlades™ are designed to carry cutting lubricant into the urethane that is being cut by the blade. With each stroke, the blade picks up cutting lubricant on the outside of the urethane and deposits it inside the urethane.

The cutting lubricant allows for each additional stroke of the blade to slide easily through the urethane. The blades are made of stainless steel and have a series of small dimples stamped on the side of the blade that rides against the urethane. Besides making the blade cut easier they also save battery life and reduce vibration because of the reduced friction on the blade.

Made of a proprietary grade of stainless steel.

Made in the USA.

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