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Door Panel

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BMR1488 • Belt Moulding Remover

Designed to remove and save belt mouldings that are installed with clips.

RHR584 • Rivet Head Removal Drill Bit

Our rivet removal drill bit is made of super-hardened steel and has four sharp cutting flutes that will quickly and easily remove the rivet head.

DPO585 • Rivet Stem Remover

Rivet Stem Remover has a contoured end so it will sit over the rivet and align itself perfectly with the rivet stem. With several light taps of a hammer, the rivet stem is driven out.

AEP1132 • EasyPunch™

EasyPunch™ is designed to remove rivet stems with the hammering device built into the EasyPunch™, which is delivered with a simple push on the handle. Eliminates the need for hammering. Not for use on steel rivets.

Door Panel Clip Removal Tool

Features a slim design to easily slide under door panel clips on older style vehicles. Made of hardened steel.