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DC570SD • Dash/Vent Covers - Adjustable Length S&D

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Manufacturer: Equalizer®
Made from a lightweight and flexible material and can be adjusted to fit from 34” (86cm) up to 68” (173cm). Set of 2
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Designed to provide coverage for the contour of the dash to avoid damage while working inside the vehicle and prevent objects from falling into the vents. These dash/vent protectors are made from a lightweight and flexible material and can be adjusted to fit from 34” (86cm) up to 68” (173cm).

Set of 2

Scratch and Dent inventory includes products that have been returned, used for training, or have cosmetic damages. All of these products are put through Equalizer’s production process again to ensure they meet all original specifications. We also retest any refurbished power tools to ensure excellent quality. Sometimes brand new or refurbished items have considerable cosmetic blemishes that do not impact performance. Closeout items are items being discontinued due to product evolution or no longer supported by manufacturer. Scratch and Dent and Closeout sales are final.

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