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SKU: JD1221-500
Delivery date: Custom item: Ships in 7-10 business days
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Custom Installation Sticks • 500

Promote your business in glorious full color with your own installation sticks!

You may never give away a business card again. With our custom printed installation sticks, you can have your business information and even your picture printed in glorious full color on installation sticks to give to your customers.

Is there a catch? No, you just pay a one-time set-up fee of $20.00. Pay it once and you will never need to pay it again unless you change something on your artwork. We can use your existing artwork or we can custom make your artwork for you. Each stick has your custom label on one side only. Include your company logo, pictures, &/or business information on one of the most versatile tools an Auto Glass Technician can own! What better way to promote your business with a few well-placed sticks to help remind your customer who to call when they need a piece of glass or one installed or repaired!
Installation Sticks can be used to manipulate urethane, remove door panels, installing rubber gaskets, and tuck in headliners. Heck, they are even useful to open envelopes, scratch your back, and open soda cans.

Custom orders will not be printed or shipped until artwork has been approved. You will be contacted about artwork once your order has been placed.

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