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JVTKIT • Visual Vacuum Plunger Cups (Pair) & PowerPump™ Set

Visual Vacuum Plunger Cups (Pair) with two PowerPumps™

Equalizer® PowerPump™ eliminates the need for manual pumping of your Visual Vacuum Cups . Simply replace the original plunger in the vacuum cup with the PowerPump™, press the button and let your cup automatically draw down. The PowerPump™ is designed for a minimum 5 hours of constant run time and can be used as a manual pump if your battery needs to be recharged. Includes 1 USB-C charging cord with each PowerPump™. The cup measures 7" in diameter with a lifting capacity of 90 lbs (41 kg) per cup. Made for curved glass. Replacement vacuum cup parts are available for purchase.

JP140SD • JetPacks™ (Pair) S&D

*Used pair with minor smudges on cup and minor scratches on cup protector
Equalizer® JetPacks™ vacuum cups eliminate the need for manual pumping. If the cup loses vacuum, the AIRFORCE™ vacuum technology takes over and keeps that valuable suction going until the cup has maximum vacuum again. Equalizer® JetPacks™ have a 7" diameter cup with a maximum safe working load of 100lbs/45kg. They will fully charge within two hours. The single cup comes with one 120 volt charger..
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