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Cowling & Moulding

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GBM446 • PryBaby™

This set contains 5 specially shaped sticks for prying, smoothing, spreading and removing. Each tool is made of a tough yet flexible polycarbonate material.

PDT443 • PryDaddy™

This set contains 12 tools of which 11 are specially shaped sticks and one is a hammer. They are for all of your prying, smoothing, spreading, removing, tapping, and pushing needs.

CRT250 • Clip Removal Tools • Set of 5

Equalizer™ door panel & cowling clip removal tools are made with different size openings that grab and hold clips.

CTD607 • Recessed Clip Removal Tool

Easily fits down into recessed areas and then can be slid under the head of the cowling clip.

CCR819 • Expansion Clip Removal Tool

Features a small sharp screw that bites into the plastic head of the clip and pulls the center pin out. The clip will then collapse and can be easily removed.

TPE657 • Clip Removal Tool

Our Clip Removal Tool has a V-groove with sharpened tips so it will slip under the head of the clip. Works on many cowlings and drip gaskets.