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PSR253 • Cowling Clip Removal Tool

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Removes expansion fasteners quickly and without damage. Most expansion fasteners are not designed to be taken apart. They are an example of the manufacturers designing cars for manufacturing and not for repair. The expansion screw that goes down into the center is not really a screw, but a push-in clip that is made to look like a Phillips head screw. On many new vehicles, the expansion fasteners are down in a recess and cannot be easily accessed with existing tools.

Our expansion clip removal tool has a small screw that screws into the plastic head and grabs onto the inside of the Phillips head screw. Use the knurled knob to screw the center part of the tool into the Phillips head screw, then take the impact slide to the bottom, bring it up quickly to impact the knurled top of the tool, and the screw is instantly pulled out of the clip. The clip will then collapse and can be easily removed. Made in the USA.

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