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DUR748 • Door Upholstery Remover

Our Door Upholstery Remover is for removing plastic or metal fasteners. It is made of hardened steel with a large, comfortable handle.

CZ444 • Clip-Zip® Clip Removal Tool

Clip-Zip® Clip Removal Tool works by using the outside portion of the jaws to lay against the body, while the inside portion grabs the clip firmly and lifts up without damaging the panel.

SCR696 • Clip & Door Panel Removal Tool

Features a tapered front to easily fit under all types of clips. Especially great for removing door panels.

AP6205 • Springer Clip Removal Tool

The tapered tip allows entry under closely fitted parts and the rounded edges avoid damage to the trim or vehicle.

PH1355 • Curved Clip Removal Tool

Designed for removing plastic or metal fasteners in confined places, it works great on the front part of the door where the door jam will often interfere with the removal of the door panel.

PDT443 • PryDaddy™

This set contains 12 tools of which 11 are specially shaped sticks and one is a hammer. They are for all of your prying, smoothing, spreading, removing, tapping, and pushing needs.