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PBR313 • Push-Button Release Cold Knife

Quickly change blades with a push of a button. Made with a textured grip and coated wire handle. Comes with one RKB10SS blade. Made in the USA.

500002 • Cold Knife Pull Handle

Pull handle replacement for the Reid Push Button Cold Knife.

RH161 • Flexible Cold Knife Pull Handle

Made of stainless steel and aluminum, this is the same pull handle that comes on the GK380, SCN427, EQR423, and EQK425. It will also fit the CTK382, UCH319, and UCC320. Recently improved with a thicker, stronger attachment to the screw. Made in the USA.

FA162 • Cold Knife Spacer Assembly

After extended use of a cold knife, the bolt and spacer used on cold knives can wear out. We offer this replacement assembly, including a stainless steel nut, washer, and nylon spacer. Fits the GK380, CK304, SCN427, SWC428, and CTK-382. Made in the USA.

PN3010RK • UltraWiz® Pull Handle

Pull handle for PN3001K, 3007K, BNQ271, and BQS257 cold knives.

NEC398 • Power Advance Cold Knife

Designed with an adjustable Y-shaped attachment and a unique blade retaining method that lets you change the blade in seconds and set the blade to any depth. Comes with one 1" blade. Made in the USA.