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ZKS37 • ZipKnife™ Set

Cold Knife & Long Knife Set includes: 1 of Each; ZK35 ZipKnife™ Cold Knife and ZKLK36 20" ZipKnife™ Long Knife.

FA162 • Cold Knife Spacer Assembly

After extended use of a cold knife, the bolt and spacer used on cold knives can wear out. We offer this replacement assembly, including a stainless steel nut, washer, and nylon spacer. Fits the GK380, CK304, SCN427, SWC428, and CTK-382. Made in the USA.

PN3010RK • UltraWiz® Pull Handle

Pull handle for PN3001K, 3007K, BNQ271, and BQS257 cold knives.

NEC398 • Power Advance Cold Knife

Designed with an adjustable Y-shaped attachment and a unique blade retaining method that lets you change the blade in seconds and set the blade to any depth. Comes with one 1" blade. Made in the USA.

3005K • UltraWiz® UltraOne Adjustable Cable Cold Knife

A one-set-screw system that allows quick-changes and a fully adjustable blade.

3005RC • UltraWiz® UltraOne Cold Knife Pull Handle

Replacement pull handle for UltraWiz® UltraOne Cold Knife (3005K).