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MRH1107 • Cobra™ Wire Removal Cup

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The auto glass in today's modern vehicles have tighter tolerances between the glass and the body. It is becoming quite impossible on some automobiles to not excessively damage the pinchweld when removing the glass. Many technicians have returned to their roots and started using cut-out wire again in an effort to save the pinchweld from possible damage. The problem is that urethanes have become much more dense and difficult to cut through since the old days of wire removal.

The Equalizer® Cobra™ Cord/Wire Removal System uses a smooth, ratcheting process to glide specially designed cut-out wire through tough urethane with the greatest of ease. Setup takes just a few minutes and you'll begin the easiest wire removal you've ever done; and all without leaving a single mark on the pinchweld. This will save valuable time in priming and will prevent rust from forming on missed areas of damage. This professional quality tool is designed to offer years of maintenance free service.

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