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CJ1065SD • Channel Bender S&D

*Minor have cosmetic damage.
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Scratch and Dent inventory includes products that have been returned, used for training, or have cosmetic damages. All of these products are put through Equalizer’s production process again to ensure they meet all original specifications. We also retest any refurbished power tools to ensure excellent quality. Sometimes brand new or refurbished items have considerable cosmetic blemishes that do not impact performance. Closeout items are items being discontinued due to product evolution or no longer supported by manufacturer. Scratch and Dent and Closeout sales are final.

Brand New with small rust spots. Discontinued Item.

After a door glass has been rolled up and down hundreds of times, the guide channel and the plastic door glass retaining clip (Butterfly Clip) will start to wear. Eventually, the glass will not go up and down properly because the retaining clips comes out of the rear channel and lets the glass fall forward. Now you can correct that problem with our Channel Bender. Hook the tip of the Channel Bender over the guide channel and pull the metal part inward to decrease the space between the guides. If the raised areas on the clip are worn, you can grind slightly deeper in front of the raised area to give the channel more area to hold on to. 
Made in USA.
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    All packaged in a soft case with a foam liner.

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