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WKTDMBX • BTB™ Body Shop Cut-Out Kit

Manufacturer: BTB™
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This professional Automotive body shop kit contains the most popular blades needed for the auto body repairer, dealership workshop & auto dismantler/recycler. Includes an assortment of non-serrated & serrated blades. Serrated blades are mostly used for glass and/or panel removal. Non-serrated blades are for removing adhesive fitted side body mouldings, emblems and nameplates without damage to glass, moulding or painted panels. Kit Contents: 1-WK10HD Air Tool; Blades: WK1S, WK4, WK4RS, WK4ZS,W K4ZRS, WK24Z, WK24ZVRS, WK24S, WK27S, WK27M, WK28S, WK28M, WK6M; Cutting Depth Control Arms: WK11AW, WK11BW5, WK11CW, WK11EW, WK11FW Accessories: WK7, WK7L, WK8DSM, WK9, WK9B, WK11VEL, WK20, WKGA; 1-Intro & Training DVD ans User Manual; 1-Carrying Case 

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