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Equalizer® BLOWHARD™

To have a successful installation you must start with a dry vehicle. No matter if it is snow or rain, you can dry that vehicle quickly with our Equalizer® BLOWHARD™. It has a 1.3 HP, 120 Volt 8 amp motor that produces an incredible 18,000 ft./min airflow. Get a good grip on the handle because when you flip the switch it has so much force it can jump right out of your hand. The exiting air is warmed by passing over the fast-moving motor so there are no heating elements to burn out. The air gets warm, but never hot enough for you to worry about scorching the paint. It’s small and compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your mobile van and designed to run on an inverter so you can power it anywhere. It comes with one high-pressure nozzle for getting down into difficult areas and one wide angle nozzle for drying larger areas.

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