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Express™ Blades

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RLE1404 • Express™ Blade 3" x 14"

Equalizer® Express™ Blades are developed for use on hundreds of different vehicles. The RLE1404 work well where the urethane is very deep below the dash. This blade can also be used with our Express™ Blade Handle or PushKnife. Made of a proprietary grade of stainless steel. Made in the USA.

ES1406 • Express™ Sheath

The sheath encloses the blade shaft on Equalizer® power tools to provide protection and allows them to use a flexible blade by giving it added support.

EHF173 • Specialty HydroBlade™ 10"

Equalizer® HydroBlades™ have an array of microdots stamped into the surface of the blade that rides against the glass. These microdots are designed to flush cutting lubricant or water into the urethane that is being cut by the blade. With each stroke, the blade channels the lubricant from the outside of the urethane and flows it into the cut, allowing the blade to cut easily. This saves battery life and reduces vibration because of reduced friction. The HydroBlade™ is created from a proprietary grade of stainless steel and made in the USA. Designed to cut around very radical curves in the glass, and in vehicles that have corners with a sharper-than-90° angle.

MEH234 • Express™ Blade Handle

A universal lightweight aluminum handle for use with all types of blades.

BRT225 • Blade Release Tool

This handy tool makes removing blades easy. Simply match the teeth on the tool with notches on Stingray™ or Express 360 tool's blade holder and pull the Blade Removal Tool to release the blade.