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Sentinel™ Setting Device

The Equalizer® Sentinel™ is a revolutionary product designed to help alleviate auto glass technicians’ struggles with lifting heavy glass by doing the heavy lifting for them. The Sentinel™ enables one technician the ability to remove and replace a variety of auto glass in the most efficient way possible.

Sentinel™ features a bent arm or straight arm. The RV straight arm (SSD2021) works best for flush mount applications and glass weighing up to 150 lbs (68 kg). The Extension bent arm (SSD2022) works best for glass that needs to be extended over hoods and weighs less than 100 lbs (45 kg).

The Equalizer® Sentinel™ is a mobile or in-shop setting device that runs on a rechargeable battery. Using hydraulic power and 10-inch vacuum cups with PowerPumps™, you can move the glass in several directions and adjust angles to get the right position in lifting or setting glass. The Sentinel™ is stabilized by counterweights so that every removal/installation has adequate support. The Sentinel™ is crafted using high-performance steel. Made in the USA.
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GTOOL805 • ADAS Camera Leveling Tool

This tool allows for the correct adjustment of the ADAS camera after reinstallation. 2016+ Volvo S60/V90, 2017+ Volvo XC60, 2015+ Volvo XC90 and may be compatible with other vehicles.

GTOOL807 • ADAS Radar Leveling Tool

This tool allows for the correct adjustment of the radar sensor after installation. 2010+ Volvo S60/V60 and 2007+ Volvo S80/V70 and may be compatible with other vehicles.


Compatible with all Equalizer® wire and cord removal tools such as the Raptor™, Transformer™, Viper™, and Python. SWIFTCUTPRO® can be used in a wide variety of cutting jobs, from regular cars to utility vehicles, trucks, busses and even trains and planes. 15m/50 ft spool
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LBHD688-PRP • Lil Buddy™ Air

Equalizer® has powered up The Lil’ Buddy Pro 1 Heavy Duty auto glass handling and replacement tool by adding our Exclusive PowerPump™ plungers to create a secure suction using AirForce™ Technology.

The Lil Buddy™ Air allows a single technician to safely and quickly extract and install replacement auto glass in most vehicles!

• Optional design for the passenger side mount or the driver's side mount.
• Now includes a heavy-duty sliding rod to handle the weight of heavy windshields and back glass, such as in commercial trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles.
• Built with stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics for a lifetime of use with proper care.
• Features a clearly defined measuring system.
• Complete with 2- Equalizer® PowerPump™ Plunger - powered by AirForce™ Technology

DragOn Skin Glass Protector

The DragOn Auto Glass Protector is a professional-grade auto glass cover/protective blanket to protect windshields during installation prep work.

DragOn Features:
Protects primer from sun exposure
Reduces temperature of glass before install
Reduces foreign object contamination
Certified DragOn Glass Protection
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