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ATK658 • Basic Technician Kit

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Most people who start training to become an auto glass technician already possess a small set of tools. Usually, they have a Phillips and straight screwdriver, wrenches, and hopefully a set of metric and inch size sockets. This kit is intended to build on that set of tools and make it into a set of tools for an Auto Glass Technician. We developed this kit by asking some of the most respected technicians in the country to give their feedback on what should be included in a basic technician kit. There were many variations, but the tools that are included in this kit are the ones mentioned most by those technicians.We also realize there are other items (including power tools) you might like to add to this toolkit. For this reason, you can pick any item to add at the time of purchase and deduct 10% from the cost. 


However, no substitutions of the tools included in this kit are allowed.