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Radius Patterns

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Radius Patterns

This is another solution to the problem of making patterns for heavy equipment. Usually, a technician must go out, make a pattern, return with the patterns, cut the glass or have someone cut the glass, and then go back and put it in. With our radius patterns, a technician can go by the job site, check the radius on all the broken glass, measure the size, call back to the shop and give a shop person the sizes, and go on to the next job. The shop person can cut the glass and have it ready for the technician to pick up later in the day. Radius patterns have 9 circles starting at 1" and increasing in 1/4" increments up to 3". We have found this will cover the radius size of 99% of the glass in heavy equipment. Hold the radius patterns against the corner until you find the correct size. Check all four corners to be sure the radius is the same. A quick measurement of the opening and you have a pattern. Example: with the rubber gasket removed the opening is 20" by 20" and has a 3" radius. Most rubber gaskets have a 5/16" inset from the pinchweld so you should cut the glass 5/16" smaller all the way around with a 3" radius on the corners. When the glass is cut it measures 19-3/8" by 19-3/8" and has a 3" radius. If the gasket is in place simply measure to the bottom of the rubber channel and cut the glass to that size.

Set of nine.

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