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Toyo Clear Acrylic Supercutter

  • Product Code:AE1008
  • Brand:Toyo

Prop 65 Warning
Toyo Clear Acrylic Supercutter

When Toyo Glass Cutters was introduced thirty years ago, they were the first in a generation of self-oiling professional glass cutters. They were radically new in design and featured a revolutionary cutting wheel technology developed entirely by Toyo. This technology offered the advantage of a much longer wheel life and a patented oil-feed system for a cleaner score. Over the years, Toyo has improved their designs and today Toyo Glass Cutters come in translucent (see-through) fluorescent colors as well as clear acrylic. Because they are translucent you can see how much oil is in the cutter. Each cutter utilizes an end cap with a seal so the oil will not leak from the end of the cutter. They are of the highest-quality and have become one of the most-used glass cutters in the world. Some people are good at cutting glass and some people are great. If you watch great glass cutters you will soon notice one thing. They won’t let anyone else use their glass cutter. Toyo Glass Cutters are available in six different colors, plus clear. You can pick your own color so everyone will know which one is yours. Give us a couple of choices on the color in case we do not have your first choice.

Prop 65 Warning
WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
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