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Extractor Narrow Blade 8"

  • Product Code:EXT-BLDN-XL
  • Brand:Extractor

Extractor Narrow Blade 8"

Most Extractor blades are now made from stainless steel, and have been cut and tapered to our exacting, custom specifications. The blades offer excellent flexibility and strength. If used correctly, they should last 200 cut-outs or more. Many users report 300 - 400 cut-outs. For best results it is necessary to keep the blade sharp and use adequate water for lubrication. The blades are very easy to sharpen. Simply run across a wet belt sander, grinder or file, putting a 45 degree edge on one side of the blade, in the same manner as you would sharpen a chisel.

Product Specification
  • Weight      .16
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