Universal Cowl Moulding

  • Product Code:UCM1600
  • Brand:Equalizer

Prop 65 Warning
Universal Cowl Moulding

Our Universal Cowl Moulding was designed to solve the ongoing challenge of ensuring a solid adhesive bond of the rubber strip to the cowl after windshield replacement or to simply replace the vehicle’s cowl molding when it deteriorates, tears, or breaks. Our Universal Cowl Moulding was created to fit easily over the leading edge of many cowls and is held in place by a butyl strip inside the channel. The molding helps seal the cowling lip and keep water and debris from entering and also gives a clean and finished look to the job. Comes in 100 ft. spool. Just cut off your desired length as needed. Make sure to warm the molding so that the butyl becomes tacky and will adhere to the cowling panel when fitted. You can warm the molding several ways; If it’s a warm sunny day just set it out in the sun for a bit. If it’s cooler weather, put it inside the vehicle on top of the dash and turn the defroster on or use our Hot Pocket Moulding Heater (Part Number MHP139). When the molding is nice and warm, start at one side of the vehicle, tuck in the edge of the cowl molding, lay the molding flat against the glass and start pressing firmly down towards the cowl panel so that groove of the molding encases the lip of the cowl panel. Smooth with your thumb as you go to make sure it’s flush with the vehicle and has a nice smooth appearance. When you reach the other side, tuck the end in and you are finished. 

Prop 65 Warning
WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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