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Windshield Chip Moisture Evaporator

  • Product Code:JDS101
  • Brand:Equalizer

Windshield Chip Moisture Evaporator

In order to ensure a proper windshield repair, a break or crack must be free of moisture for the resin to permeate the entire area and to properly cure. No matter whether you are dealing with rain, snow or just humidity in the air this can be difficult without some assistance. The Windshield Chip Moisture Evaporator will make a windshield repair easier and more effective with just a few extra seconds of work. Just plug into a 12-Volt power source and the heating element will turn to a low orange glow. Hold the tool over the break/crack for 15-20 seconds, then let the area cool down and proceed with your repair (depending on the size and type of break/crack, you may have to apply heat a little longer). Not only will this tool work for removing moisture from a break/crack, it also works well when you need to warm the glass surrounding the break/crack prior to a repair.  Works on bullseyes, combinations, daisies, stars, and eagle breaks and small and long cracks.

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