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1" Gold Glass Group 75' Spool

  • Product Code:T108B
  • Brand:Gold Glass Group

1" Gold Glass Group 75' Spool

In the past, you could spend more time saving the molding than you spent removing and replacing the windshield. There were many reasons for saving a molding, but the most common reason was that it was difficult to stock all the different moldings. Insurance companies realize that you cannot always save the molding when replacing a windshield. For this reason, they now pay for a new molding when the old one cannot be saved. old Glass Group has solved the first problem. You no longer need to stock dozens of different moldings. You can now reduce your inventory with universal moldings. Four moldings equal over four hundred applications. old Glass Group moldings do not shrink or discolor over time, never crimp around corners, always lay flush against the vehicle, never need a heat gun to install, and fit both thick windshields and thin tempered parts. A thin layer of butyl is made into the channel of each molding. When the molding is pushed onto the glass the butyl adheres to the edge of the glass and the molding will not come off. You will not find T110 listed on the chart at right. They are both intended to replace push-in “Christmas Tree” moldings. The great thing about these moldings is there is adhesive under the part that goes against the vehicle. This adhesive sticks to the vehicle and holds the molding in place while the urethane cures. The adhesive assures a perfect bond and the cured urethane holds it permanently in place.

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