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Pinchweld Cleaning Brushes • 10

  • Product Code:TO1437
  • Brand:Equalizer

Pinchweld Cleaning Brushes • 10

Pinchwelds are perfect places for dirt, dust, and grime to collect. To prevent contamination of the urethane, before you strip it down to 2 mm, you must clean the area between the pinchweld and the urethane so dust and dirt will not fall onto, and contaminate, the freshly trimmed urethane. We recommend using plain water to loosen the dirt, dust, and grime. Most brushes are too large to get down into this small area and have bristles that are too stiff and can scratch the paint on the outside of the pinchweld. Our brushes are made of horsehair. They have the stiffness needed to brush away the grime but are soft enough to keep from damaging the paint or pinchweld. Brushes are made with a thin, metal handle that is 6" long and 5/16" in diameter.

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