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Equalizer® Cutting Lubricant

  • Product Code:ECL784
  • Brand:Equalizer

Equalizer® Cutting Lubricant

Using our lubricant improves cutting action and reduces drag on the blade. It will not damage the dash or headliner. Mix at a 16 to 1 ratio (16 parts water to 1 part cutting lubricant) to make 128 ounces of cutting lubricant. The ECL784 contains no dyes, fragrances or VOC’s so that means when you spray the product in a hot car, it won’t take your breath away! Also, it evaporates slower providing a longer lubricating period.

Made in the USA.

8 Oz Bottle.

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  • 30 Day Warranty

    Equalizer products are warranted for manufacturing defects for a 30 day period from the date of purchase.  For complete details please download the Return/Warranty Policy.

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