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Rain Sensor Pad

  • Product Code:FRS377PAD
  • Brand:Gold Glass Group

Rain Sensor Pad

Replacement pad for the FRS377 Rain/Light Sensor:

Mercedes C-Class Coupe 04-, C-Class Station Wagon 04-05,CL 01-06, CLK 03-, CLS 06-,E-Class 03-, S-Class 03-07, SL 05-

NAGS® Reference: FW2340, FW2341, FW2342, FW2343, FW2346, FW2347, FW2362, FW2429, FW2447, FW2473, FW2485, FW2486, FW2487, FW2488, FW2495, FW2496, FW2546, FW2547, FW2609, FW2668, FW2720

Product Specification
  • Weight      0.2
  • 30 Day Warranty

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