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Extra Long Utility Knife Blades • 10

  • Product Code:ULB582
  • Brand:Equalizer

Extra Long Utility Knife Blades • 10

You know the problem: you like to use a long knife but the blade never sticks out of the tool far enough to cut through the thick urethane. Standard utility knife blades measure only 2-3/8" long. The maximum cutting area you can get is approximately 1". Equalizer® extra-long utility knife blades measure a big 3-3/4" long and give you an exposed cutting area of, at least, 2-1/4". They are designed so there is more length between the two notches. For this reason, these blades will fit most standard utility knives as well as all long knives that use the standard utility knife blade.

Package of ten. 

Made in the USA.

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    Equalizer products are warranted for manufacturing defects for a 30 day period from the date of purchase.  For complete details please download the Return/Warranty Policy.

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