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Honda & Acura Cowling Clip • 10

IP 90602


Honda & Acura Cowling Clips.

Works on 2008-Current

•    Honda Accord & Fit
•    Acura TSX and ZDX

Spray Bottle



This sprayer adjusts to dispense a fine, medium, or heavy mist. The sprayer is made of polypropylene. The bottle is made of high-density polyethylene.

Holds 8 ounces of liquid.  

Honda Cowl Fasteners

IP 6102005


PKG 25


Cowl Fasteners for Honda

IP 6102011


PKG 25

1984-1987 Honda Civic Coupe


Cowl Fasteners for Honda

IP 6102001


PKG 25

1983-1987 Honda Prelude


Cowl Fasteners for Honda

IP 6102006


PKG 25

1984-1987 Honda Civic Coupe


Cowl Fastener for Ford

IP 5203001


PKG 25


Windshield Stands Replacement Pad

IP I0664


To install the new pads, unbolt the stand, remove the piping tip, and slide the new pad in place. They will also fit stands produced by other manufacturers.


Sold individually.  

2004+ Ford F-Series Cowling Clips

IP 708771


2004+ Ford  F-Series Cowling Clips 

25/64" (10mm) Hole Size

Head Diameter: 20mm

Stem Length: 12mm

Package of 25

Cowl Fasteners for BMW

IP 7101001


PKG 25


Bulb & Shaft Assembly for FL203



Bulb and flexible shaft assembly for the retired version of FlexLight (FL203).

Universal Bottom Channel

IP MD1280


Original parts can sometimes be impossible to purchase when you are repairing a door glass. Keep these universal channels in your shop or toolbox. The channels have a small nylon screw that will temporarily hold them in position while the adhesive cures and permanently attaches them to the glass. We suggest attaching them with a quick setting urethane or epoxy like our fast cure epoxy (#21426).

Comes in a set of two.

Gas Lifter Lock

IP PJ1257


Over a period of time, the gas lifters that hold up the hood or rear hatch on a vehicle can fail. This small, easy-to-use device solves this problem. Open the hood or rear hatch, attach the device to the metal rod on the gas cylinder, and secure. It will stay in place until you are finished with the job.

Telescopic Magnet

IP MT690


Have you ever been working under the hood of a car or inside a door glass and dropped a screw and could see it but you couldn't reach it? The telescopic magnet can assist in getting hard to reach items by extending up to 24". It then collapses to only 4-3/4" for easy storage. This powerful magnet can lift up to two pounds, allowing for a wide variety of other uses.

Made in the USA.

Rubber Strip for 5-Slot Rack

IP I-9002


Rubber Strip for 5-Slot Rack