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10 Piece Drill Bit Set

IP 15557


Every technician needs a set of high-speed drill bits in his toolbox. 

Our 10 Piece Drill Bit Set includes the most common sizes, starting with the smallest 1/16” bit, graduating in increments of 1/64”, to the largest 1/4” bit.

Drill bits sit securely in a plastic organizer helping to prevent them from scattering throughout your toolbox.

Rivet Head Removal Drill Bit



The problem with removing rivets from door glasses is the rivet stem. The rivet stem is made of steel and must be removed before you can drill out the aluminum. Our rivet head removal drill bit tackles the problem in another way: it drills the rivet head off and leaves the steel stem in place. When the rivet head is drilled away you can then push the remaining aluminum shank and the rivet stem out and the rivet is released. Our rivet removal drill bit is made of super hardened steel and has four sharp cutting flutes that will quickly and easily remove the rivet head.

Made in the USA.

Super Torx® Bit Set

IP TBS1486


If windshields were all you installed you would never need most of these Torx® bits, but as technicians, we must also install quarter glasses. To install quarter glass it is often necessary to remove seats, interior quarter panels, and even seat belts. Most of these are held in place by a Torx® bit. On very large Torx® bits you cannot get the leverage with a small ratchet, so we offer the Super Torx® Bit Set which has the appropriate size ratchet drive for the bit. Sizes included in the set: T-60 with a 1/2” ratchet drive, T-55, T-50, T-47, T-45, T-40 each with a 3/8” ratchet drive, and T-30, T-27, T-25, T-20, T-15, T-10 each with a 1/4” ratchet drive. Each set comes in a molded, soft plastic container that holds each Torx® bit in place.

 Made in the USA.

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