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Course Crimped Wire Wheel Brush • 3"

IP 70603


This brush is more coarse, thinner and has a smaller diameter than the one listed above. It is more aggressive for difficult removal of rust. It has a 1/4" shank and can be mounted to any drill for fast effective rust or debris removal. A narrow width allows it to fit easily down into the pinchweld without damaging the moldings or paint. The shorter brushes and smaller diameter make this a very aggressive rust remover and one that will remove the rust quickly.

Metal Cleaning PrepSticks



A safe and simple, no mess solution for neutralizing leftover rust particles and etching metal for better primer adhesion. Once an individual tube is opened it must be used as it cannot be resealed for later use.

Package of 12.

*Store in a cool, dry place. Not to exceed 120°F. 

Mounted Rust Removal Brush



Removing rust is not always a job an auto glass technician likes to do, but sometimes when the rust is minor it can be removed and repaired by the technician saving a trip to the body shop (just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing the E coat when you remove rust). Our Mounted Rust Removal Brush is perfect for those minor rust removal jobs. It measures 4” in diameter and can be attached to your drill/driver or any drill that runs less than 4,500 RPM. The width is approximately 1/2” allowing it to fit down into the pinchweld without damaging the moldings or the paint on the outside of the pinchweld.

Paint & Rust Stripper



When you encounter rust on any vehicle you really have only two choices. You can stop and ask the owner to take the vehicle to a body shop or you can attempt a repair yourself. It is, of course, a great way to make extra money because most owners, when confronted with such visual evidence, will just tell you to repair it. If you decide to repair pinchwelds be sure to comply with all regulations required for a proper repair. This Paint & Rust Stripper is very aggressive and is intended for use when the rust is more than just superficial. It is 4" in diameter, 1/2" wide and comes with a built-in 1/4" mandrel. Perfect for cordless drills because it is built to be used at speeds under 3500 RPM.

Prep Pen Refill • 2

IP PR3438


Refill for our Sanding Prep Pen (SP3437).

For Fine Sanding & Cleaning.

Package of two.

Rust Removal Brush



This little wire brush is perfect for removing light rust from the pinchweld. Sometimes, quickly scrubbing with this steel brush and applying a new E coat will prepare the metal enough. This way the windshield can be installed without the need of a body shop.

This brushes measures only 8” long and features a wooden handle that is 7/16” square. The stainless steel brushes are arranged in 3 rows and measure 1-3/8” long and 3/8” wide.

Sanding Prep Pen

IP SP3437


For Fine Sanding & Cleaning

Our retractable Sanding Prep Pen goes where other tools or sandpaper can’t reach.


Perfect for:

• Scuffing/de-glossing paint in hard to reach areas and near moldings

• Cleaning electrical contacts and connectors

• Cleaning aluminum, screw heads, crevices, and grooves

• Scuffing surfaces prior to using adhesives

• Removing surface rust corrosion without removing the base metal

• Removing rust, wax and road film to prepare paint chips for touch up 

Comes with two sanding cartridges - refill is stored in the handle. Additional refill cartridges (PR3438) are available for purchase.

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