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All-In-One Mirror Tool

IP MT228


Equalizer® All-In-One Mirror Tool has six devices that work on a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles. The MT228 features #2 Phillips, T15, & T20 drivers as well as hook and pick devices that are perfect for loosening, prying, aligning, & unfastening tabs & snaps. Additionally, the All-In-One Mirror Tool includes a spring-latch mirror device for removing mirrors on Ford vehicles built after 2004. 

Invented By: John Wilson


Ford Rearview Mirror Removal Tool



Use for the removal of older Ford rearview mirrors.

To use slide the prongs between the mirror bracket and the mirror, then use a gentle side to side rocking motion along with upward pressure to dislodge the mirror from the bracket.

Lexus Rearview Mirror Removal & Assembly Tool



For Lexus 300, 330 (1998-2005), 400 & 430 and some Toyota models.


A pressure clip holds two small ball bearings in place. The ball bearings lock the rearview mirror assembly to the windshield bracket. When removing the rearview mirror assembly, we recommend that you take the screw out to release the rearview mirror and leave everything else attached to the glass. Once the glass is laying flat on your windshield stand, you can remove the pressure clip with the mirror tool. Use care not to lose the ball bearings.


We suggest putting the bracket on the windshield before installing the glass. When installing the hardware, make sure the guide pin on the removable bracket aligns with the opening on the windshield bracket, and then squeeze the pressure clip and place it inside the bracket so it holds pressure on the two ball bearing supports. The mirror tool hooks and holds the pressure clip so you do not lose it.

Mirror Bracket Wrench

IP GM602


Tool that removes mirrors held in place by a spring clip designed to detach the mirror when the air bag is deployed. 


Place the tool under the bottom edge of the windshield where it attaches to the bracket and push the tool toward the glass. This motion will pry the mirror up and off of the bracket.

Mirror Hex Wrench

IP MB744


Equipt with two hex wrenches for commonly used mirror set screws on opposite ends that conveniently fits in a shirt pocket.

Phillips & T15 Torx® Mirror Wrench



Equipt with a #2 Phillips and T-15 Torx® on opposite sides to each other.

Spring Latch Rearview Mirror Removal Tool



The JMR357 allows you to slide the locking mirror bracket off a mirror button. Spring latch rearview mirrors have a small spring inside the bracket that is pushed down as you slide the mirror over the mirror button which then springs back into place, locking the mirror in place.  Because this spring is hidden, it is difficult to release. Designed for use on Ford vehicles built after 2004. Made of high-impact plastic.


Place the tool at the bottom of the mirror base, flat side against the glass and push the tool into the opening, compressing the spring. Then simply slide the mirror off the mirror button.

T15 & T20 Torx® Mirror Wrench

IP MB743


Equipt with a T-15 Torx® and T-20 Torx® on opposite ends that conveniently fits in a shirt pocket.

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